I’ve always been big on planning out and setting goals for myself, I STRONGLY believe having a tangible “hard copy” of a plan is important. Breaking something down as scary as writing a book, is the only way to get it done, and see the MILLION steps it will take to bring that dream to fruition makes it a little less scary… if thats even possible.

While having a goal is important, knowing how to meet that goal, and make sure it is realistic is equally as important. I LOVED the idea of Bi-monthly goals laid out by  Kristen Martin and Vivien Reis, both of which made videos on Youtube about the topic. They inspired me to put my own goals down on my website to make them more accountable for myself, not just “lost” as a note in my phone.

So, without further adieu here are my goals for March & April, 2017.


  1. Camp NaNoWriMo – Draft #2 “Whispers in the Dark” (30k Word Goal)
  2. Read: 5 Books
  3. Non-Fiction Project – Read-through + Minor Draft Edits
  4. 11 Blog Posts
  5. Content Calendar Schedule: (April – August)


  1. Down Came the Rain – Draft Edits
  2.   Non-Fiction Project – Write: Sections 7-10
  3.   Read: 5 Books


  1. Down Came the Rain – Draft Edits
  2.   Non-Fiction Project – Write: Sections 4-7
  3.   Read: 5 Books


  1. Down Came the RainMAJOR Read Through
  2.   Non-Fiction Project – Write: Sections 1-3
  3. Whispers in the Dark – Section 3
  4.   Read: 5 Books